Financial Independence Calculators

Finding the right retirement calculator that fit your specific needs can be cumbersome. Many of the big financial groups provide calculators, but only for those that are at least 50 years old. Those retirement calculators won’t work for anyone younger. What about the highly motivated that hope to reach their financial goals sooner?

Here’s a list of a few of my favorite retirement or financial independence calculators for quick & dirty calculations. Let’s see how far you are away from those ultimate goals of freedom! For a primitive dude like myself – the less complex the better. I’ve also listed some more advanced calculators for the intelligent ones out there.

Mustachian Calculator

mustachian financial independence calculator

The mustachian calculator gives you the simplest and quickest estimate of how long it’ll take to achieve financial independence. Some of the retirement calculators out there can get fairly detailed and involved. Personally, I don’t normally want to spend that kind of time. This gives you a nice quick ballpark figure which makes it my go to.

Personal Capital

personal capital financial independence calculator

You’ll see this retirement calculator and general finance tool recommended everywhere. Personal Capital is great, but the phone call spam gets annoying. Hard to complain though given how comprehensive the financial tools are. The retirement planner will tell you how likely it is that you’ll retire based on market conditions. The higher the percentage the better, but I like to aim somewhere above 50%. That means I’m 50% likely to be over. The tool is also nice because you can add other incomes. If you’re a landlord or have a side-hustle income you can figure that into your numbers.


networthify retirement calculator

Networthify is a solid calculator that offers a yearly breakdown. It will give you a more detailed analysis on how close you’re getting to that final number. Personally, I’m aiming for around 70% of my true financial independence number. It’s what I call Ultra-Lean FIRE. I’m still relatively younger and know I’ll still work in some capacity into my wrinkled years.

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