FIRE Should Stand For Financial Independence Retire Easily

I know that we’re all excited to hit our end goals and FIRE ourselves from the 9 to 5.  The fact is, no one in the FIRE community truly wants to retire and lose their purpose.  If that was the case they wouldn’t be motivated to do well and retire up to decades earlier than the norm. 

It’s discovering a new world. 

A free world. 

A world of options.  


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

easy peasy lemon squeezyMany in the financial independence community tend to always speak of the RE part of FIRE as the optional part – more like FI(RE).  Once financial independence is hit, you’re free to do as you please.  You now have the financial freedom you’ve been striving for.  The burdens have been lifted – forever! 

Instead, the RE should mean retire easy – because you can.  You can retire, come out of retirement, and then go back again if you want.  In and out you go like a dog in his new dog house.  You decide!

No More B.S.

That’s right, you don’t have to take crap from anyone anymore.  No company can dictate your life and if you don’t want to do something – well, you don’t have to.  That’s why it’s also called FU money.

With the golden handcuffs gone, you’re free to do as you please.

Manager: “Sweep that floor, take out the trash, and clean the toilets.”

Me: “F*** you!  I’m Audi 5000 bro!”


The FIRE-Fighters Got Us All Wrong

Articles are starting to come out from the bigger online publishing companies about FIRE.  Most of them are getting the FIRE peeps all wrong.  Maybe they do it just to stir the pot on purpose.

There was a recent article I read about FIRE that was completely misguided.  It had left out crucial details and shortened the timeline to make FIRE sound impossible.  Being a pretty reputable website, I was surprised to read this.

FAKE NEWS! Tralalafire starter group

I call the FIRE haters FIRE-fighters because they’re trying to put out the flames – but they’re no match for the FIRE-starters!

If we were a bunch of lazy a-holes we wouldn’t be on a fast track to be financially free way earlier than the typical person.  We just have slightly different priorities.

Sure, there are people that have it rough.  I’m not arguing that.  There are also people who don’t want to adjust their lifestyle in order to be financially free earlier – and that’s fine.

However, the median household income is just over $60,000 per year in the US now.  That means the median household can be on FIRE much earlier than the typical retirement age – if they wanted to.  For the median American, it’s a choice of lifestyle habits.


And No… We Don’t Live In A Shoe

I always find it funny when I read about how much people sacrifice while achieving FIRE.  It’s true that some people go over the deep end.  That’s also their choice and you don’t have to.

Sure, some of us may not have…

  • a brand new car
  • the latest phone
  • cable channels

But what’s the harm in that?  I don’t need the best phone because the cheaper ones are still great.  Technology has come a long way – and more people are cutting the cable cord day by day.  I don’t need to browse a million channels either.  There are plenty of apps out there now that offer free t.v. if you can get past the annoying commercials, which are on cable too!


Consumption Addiction

Honestly, it’s really about less consumption in this addictive world we’ve created.  We’re surrounded by grocery stores consumption addictionthat barely have “real” food anymore.  We’re upgrading everything so often now – TV’s, computers, cell phones,  and more.  Companies have even admitted to intentionally slowing down your phones so that you upgrade sooner!

If that doesn’t scream STOP, I don’t know what does.  

It’s not that you shouldn’t buy things that you enjoy – but what about those things that you buy and never use a week after?  Shopping can totally be an addiction.  It’s like ice cream – of course we all want it – but should we keep eating it!?


Financial Independence Retire Easily 

Don’t listen to all the white noise that comes with the media.  It’s mostly garbage filled with fluff and more garbage.  The FIRE movement is really about people that are trying to take control of their lives again.  Live your life, don’t overspend, and keep it simple and you’ll be retiring easily in no time!


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