Mint Mobile Review – Cell Phone Plan for $30 Unlimited or Less!

After already switching from T-Mobile to Boost Mobile less than a year ago, I decided to make another switch about a month ago.  This time it was to Mint Mobile, which uses T-Mobile towers.  I already had an unlocked phone so I was able to make the switch with ease.

The Rundown

Mint Mobile offers a pretty simple to use interface on both its website and its app.  They use a cute little green fox as their logo and offer many video explanations that answer most questions.  They really make their best effort to make everything as easy as possible for the end user.

Previously, it was known as Mint SIM, which I had never heard of.  They’ve been marketing like hell and they definitely got me to switch over fairly quickly.

They offer 3 different packages:

  • Unlimited Talk/Text, 3gb – $15 per month (intro offer) – Reg. $23 per month
  • Unlimited Talk/Text, 8gb – $20 per month (intro offer) – Reg. $30 per month
  • Unlimited Talk/Text, 12gb – $25 per month (intro offer) – Reg. $38 per month

I went for the top tier package.  Basically, if you want to lock in the intro offer for as long as possible they offer the option to pay for the entire year upfront.  I paid just under $310 with fees included for the entire year.  This falls just under $26 per month for 10gb, unlimited talk/text, for the same great T-Mobile service that would cost you $70/mo for an unlimited solo plan.  I’ll take those savings any day.  Oh, and Ryan Reynolds is part owner so you know it must be good!

Try It First

If you’re having any hesitations, try it out first!  That’s actually what I did.  It costs $5 to try out the service for a week and they offer to give you the $5 back once you sign up.  It’s practically risk free.

I tried it out and instantly noticed a difference in my LTE coverage as compared to my Boost Mobile service.  While I was completely fine with Boost Mobile, the differences were obvious.  Also, the call quality is better in my area.  This made it a pretty clear choice to jump on it.

Plus, I saved again.  

With Boost Mobile, I was paying $35 per month all in with 6gb of data, which is actually double the normal plan if you specifically get it from Wal-Mart. 

However, I only pay $26 now per month with a 12gb plan that’s proving to be a welcomed choice.

What’s The Verdict?

Yes, it’s only $9 saved per month (compared to Boost), but that’s practically a free Netflix membership.  If you have any of the larger carriers, like T-Mobile, you end up saving $44 per month.  That comes out to $528 for the year.  Not bad!

Again, it’s practically risk free and the service turned out to be much better in my area than my previous service.  I say try it out.  Go for it!  You really don’t have much to lose.  They have my vote!

Have you made the switch?  What do you think of Mint Mobile?  

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