Am I Just A MMM Wannabe?

As the entire FIRE community is set out to either hit their FI goals or continue to deliver the message I can’t help, but think – “Am I just a Mr. Money Mustache wannabe?!”  They used to call people like us “posers.”  Now if you peer into the world of the RockstarFinance directory, there is a growing list of over 1900 blogs!

That’s Over 1900 Posers!

Phew!… I’m not the only one.  In fact, Mr. Money Mustache is a poser himself (no offense MMM!).  There have been plenty of blogs before him and writers of books before that so don’t be offended if I’ve overlooked you.

Take, for example, Vicki Robin – the lovely co-author of Your Money Or Your Life.  That was published in 1992 with the core principles of achieving financial independence.

While the message is spreading, the knowledge has been there for a long time.  There will always be new generations spewing out the same sort of content in slightly different ways.  The foundation and principles will always be the same and we will always remain posers of a previous generation.

New terms catch on like leanFIRE and fatFIRE, but we’re all just trying to hit the same goals and spread the same message.  You might just call it plain, boring FI.

And Yes… I’m A Poser

I’m proud to be a poser in this FIRE community.  It’s a community of thriving, driven, and motivated individuals.  Each one of these bloggers has their own story and it’s super exciting.

Personally, I love to read all the different perspectives of financial independence – from the individuals who started from zero and are still trying to make it to the ones that are already millionaires.

Just don’t tell anyone that I drive a Scion XA like MMM used to! 😉 

From time to time I even have to remind myself that becoming financially independent or even close to it in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s isn’t normal.

And There Are New Paths

Even YMOYL has come out with a new edition to catch up with the times.

New financial apps are coming out at a rapid pace and the competition to drive down fees is increasing.

Before, there were many additional barriers to investing.  Now, you can just hop on your phone, download an app, and begin investing within minutes.

It’s truly incredible!

Just don’t get financial app fever and start downloading them all!

And Even More Opportunities

With a few taps on your smartphone you now can make money.  Side-hustles are more prevalent than ever.

  1. Become an Uber or Lyft driver – If you don’t mind hauling around peeps to get them to work or the airport, this ones for you.  Just watch out because you may pick up some drunkards who might spew in your car!
  2. Become a grocery shopper – Yup, now you can be a grocery shopper.  Pick up groceries for the unable or just plain lazy ones and get paid for it!
  3. Delivery food with UberEats – Delivery for multiple restaurants and makes some side money delivering food.
  4. Deliver packages for Amazon – Help the almighty Amazon get bigger and larger, if that’s even possible!

All you need is a car and a smartphone to get these new jobs started with no experience.  Get to the point where you hit what I call ultra-leanFIRE and grab a side-hustle… less stress and new opportunities.

As I keep chugging along this financial independence path, I find myself learning more about myself and my wants and needs.

I find myself:

  • Needing less
  • Controlling my old spending urges
  • Becoming more humbled
  • Being absolutely grateful for everything

The fact that I can sit here and blog about personal finance and my goals toward financial independence is obviously humbling.  I realize how fortunate the entire FIRE community is, and will be in their future.

Proud To Be A Poser

Cue the cheesy music because I’m definitely proud to be a poser in the personal finance community.  It’s just a large group of families and individuals who are all trying to live their best lives while pursuing financial goals.

Don’t get all obsessive over the almighty dollar.  There are much more important things in life and I think the journey toward financial independence can teach that.


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