What I’ve Discovered After Taking The TV Out Of The Bedroom

I’ve had this idea of eliminating the TV from the bedroom for a while.  My girlfriend would convince me that it’s nice to have and if we didn’t want to use it we didn’t have to – but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  It’s just too easy to turn the device on and find yourself glued for hours binge watching some new show.  The next thing you know, it’s noon and you’re still in bed.

A Sign From The Gods

Recently, I found myself accidentally stumbling into a mini-retirement bout.  The time has been nice, but it gets you to think a lot about what you want in life and look at daily habits in a different light (like watching TV in the bedroom).

One day, the Gods had decided my fate for me.  I woke up to make my morning coffee – all was well.  I turned on the TV and went to go grab my fresh made coffee.  The TV went silent.  I walked into the bedroom and noticed that it wasn’t turning on.

“Damn thing”, I thought to myself as I went to see what happened.  I walked over to the fuse box and tried to reset the bedroom power.  Then I noticed that the clock on the stove wasn’t lit.

“Ahh… the power is out!”

Why was the power out though?  After calling Com-Ed and sitting on standby for what seemed to be a really long time – turns out there were landscapers in the area trimming trees.  I’m not sure if the electricity was turned off for them or they caused it.  Either way, this prompted the TV removal.

After unplugging and removing the television, I cleaned up the area and embraced my new environment.

A Change In Productivity

Now that I don’t have the TV in the bedroom, it has prompted many things.  It’s only been a few weeks, but it’s been quite the welcomed change.  From day one there’s been a difference.  I still use the TV in the living room, but a lot less.

Changes I’ve noticed:

  • Get out of bed quicker – no reason to sit in bed anymore and feel like I’ve wasted my day.
  • Reading more books – I don’t read that often, but now that there is no TV I find myself grabbing the books by my bedside.
  • Fall asleep faster – now that there’s less noise in my head before bedtime, it’s easier to fall asleep.

change in productivity

The first day it went out my productivity instantly changed… I…

  • cleaned the house
  • cleaned out my entire car (long overdue)
  • fixed my check engine light (had been on for months)
  • cooked dinner
  • did the laundry
  • went to the gym

These are pretty standard things to do on any given day, but this was a massive boost in productivity compared to any typical day.  Plus, now I tend to keep up on all of the chores rather than let them slack.  Not bad for just taking the TV out of the bedroom.

Should You Take The TV Out Of The Bedroom?

Listen, I’m not advocating death to television.  I actually think it’s nice to unwind to a good show every once in a while – but I do think that it can be a major distraction to watch other lives rather than live your own.  Plus, there are other benefits that I didn’t mention before.

  • Less electricity use
  • Better sex life
  • Mind clarity
  • Better quality of sleep

Being a financially conscious person, obviously I can appreciate the electricity savings.  I mean, It’s probably minimal but every bit counts.  Also, my girlfriend has a crazy schedule so sleep is crucial in her line of work.  This can only help her (and myself).  If you need more reasoning than myself check out 18 good reasons to get the TV out of your bedroom.

As us primitive beings have only had televisions for a spec in the timeline of mankind, it may make you think twice about that television you’ve been harboring in your bedroom for the last several years.

Go ahead – try it out.  It can always be put back if you need it that badly.  

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Discovered After Taking The TV Out Of The Bedroom

  • November 20, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    Mrs. Thrifty and I only have an of CRT TV down in the basement we brinf up for It’s A Wonderful Life and the Olympics. We’re not anti-TV, but living without one is pretty liberating.

    • November 21, 2018 at 8:57 am

      Ahh, more power to you for being able to do that! Oh wow, still have a CRT TV huh? I remember when those used to be super expensive and now tough to even give them away. Hard to compete when you can buy a 32 inch LED that weighs nothing for $100!

      No TV in the bedroom is definitely sustainable. I think I’d find myself hard pressed to get rid of it completely since we’ve always had one in the living room since I can remember.

  • November 21, 2018 at 6:01 am

    Wow, you must have been watching a LOT of TV in bed to gain all that productivity! Our TV in the bedroom seems to have died yesterday, so I think we are faced with the same decision, which is now made harder with all the black friday sales! We honestly don’t watch a lot of TV in the bedroom (we ditched cable long ago), so I wouldn’t expect to see as dramatic a change, but I’m sure it will lead to some of the benefits you mention…

    • November 21, 2018 at 8:47 am

      Maybe it’s a sign! Resist the urge! Haha… We were definitely watching too much TV.

      So easy to slip into binge-watching shows and since I’m out of work at the moment, it doesn’t do much for staying motivated. I snap out of bed now and get on with my day. It’s definitely been a welcomed change.

  • March 10, 2019 at 10:21 am

    After what you have posted here I will definitely be taking the tv out of the bedroom! Maybe we need more power outages? Haha

    • March 17, 2019 at 10:26 am

      Right?! It’s been a bit now and no plans to bring the t.v. back.


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